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commenting system

Almost every website needs commenting system for their posts or news. Commenting system keeps the relationship between the website itself and the content author with the readers. Good commenting system will attract readers to leave their thoughts and encourage them to come back to join the discussion inside. So, commenting system  holds important role to […]

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Solid Bold - HTML Template Freebie

Freebie, freebie. Everybody loves freebie, right? So do I. And I want to give you my first freebie. It’s simple yet usable multipurpose HTML template based on popular frontend framework Twitter Bootstrap so you can add more sections or components with ease. Sounds interesting? Let’s take a look and give it a try.

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Do you know Windings or Webdings font on Microsoft Word? The font types that generate image instead alphabet. But they’re still font. Size and color are adjustable as easy as standard font. It’s never stated before but I think this is the idea behind creation of font icon. Icon in web design is already used […]

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